Spay/Neuter Clinics

Low Cost Clinic At Warrick Humane Society

In 2011, Warrick Humane Society started a low cost spay and neuter clinic.  It is very important to have your pets spayed or neutered.  Though Warrick Humane Society is a "no-kill" shelter, millions of dogs and cats are euthanized in other shelters every year due to the pet overpopulation.  This low cost spay neuter clinic was created to make spaying and neutering your pets more affordable for everyone.  All animals adopted out of Warrick Humane Society are already spayed or neutered.

Dr. Rege of All Breed Pet Care in Newburgh, Indiana, generously donates his services for our clinic.  Dr. Rege also provides rabies clinics to the public to make this more affordable as well.  We want to thank Dr. Rege for all that he does for Warrick Humane Society and the excellent vetting services he provides for us.

Our Low Cost Clinic is now servicing the whole community!  In order to help those most in need (households making less than $30,000 per year) that live in Warrick County will have a lower cost. Individuals wishing to have an animal spayed or neutered at one of our clinics that qualify as low income will be required to bring an ID showing your residence in Warrick County and last years' tax return.

We will be holding spay/neuter clinics on the following upcoming dates in 2016:

January 8
January 28
February 12
February 25
March 11
March 31
April 8
April 28
May 13
May 26
June 3
June 30
July 8
July 28
August 12
August 25
September 9
September 29
October 14
October 27
November 11
December 9

Please leave a message at the shelter letting us know if you have a cat or a dog and if it is male or female.  You will be added to a list and called back for the next available clinic.

Our clinics have very limited space available.

All animals must weigh under 20 lbs.

The cost for the clinic for individuals making less than $30,000 is as follows:
Male Cats -     $30
Female Cats - $50
Male Dogs -    $50
Female Dogs -$70

For individuals making more than $30,000, the clinic costs are as follows:
Male Cats -     $50
Female Cats-   $75
Male Dogs -    $75
Female Dogs-$100

**$10 will be added to the fee if the pet needs a rabies vaccination. 

The following services are also available:
     Nail Trim  (Dog & Cat) $10
     Microchip (Dog & Cat) $10
     Heartworm Test(Dog) $15
     FeLV/FIV Test (Cat)   $20
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